CO2 Lasers

CO2 Laser Etching

We boast a dozen various CO2 lasers in house, which are best used to etch on organic materials such wood, acrylic, plastic, glass, marble, rubber, paper, and fabrics. Coated metals can also be CO2 laser etched, such as painted brass and anodized aluminum.

Up until a few years ago stainless steel was unable to be marked using CO2 lasers. However, with a process we call ‘C-Mark’, we apply a silicone based material to stainless steel prior to etching. Once etched, the material bonds with the stainless steel resulting in a permanent black mark that has proven incredibly resistant to accelerated UV and salt spray testing. After engraving, the left over silicone based material gets washed away with simple water.

Other materials besides those mentioned above may be possible to laser etch as well. We always welcome new product testing. Ask us what our CO2 Lasers can do for you!